Hey Jo, what do you know?

After asking people for blog suggestions…

I had another bout of writers block the other day, so I thought I’d ask my friends for suggestions of topics that they would like me to cover.

I thought it would be like using leather for fish bait, but the topics are so unique and varied that it has become an unintentional challenge.

True to form, social media you are the modern era’s version of Pandora’s box. Listed below are the topics so far.

  • Animation
  • Filmmaking
  • Does social media make us happy?
  • Trump
  • Intellectual influences on government strategy post Brexit
  • Information, advice and support for local art businesses
  • The arts function in mental health and well being
  • Parley (A hollyoaks relationship that I know nothing about!)
  • How to take good photographs at night
  • Science fiction cannot keep up with science fact

In honour of the suggestions I will attempt to offer honest and outrageous opinions dripping with satire using the series title:

Hey Jo, what do you know?

Followed by the suggested topic as title.

This will likely be a slow forming series as I will have to learn some things in order to write about said random stuff.


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