Pitching for commissions

It’s that time of year again!

Alongside my regular commercial and workshop leader jobs, I like to go for different commission opportunities that come up. It can be a lot of work, but it’s a great way to raise my profile, and a chance to make contacts.

Last year was epic and will be hard to top! My 6 month commission with NEPN and The Cultural Spring was absolutely class. I was able to reduce all of my other works and focus on my biggest project yet.

So far this year I have gained a small commission for the BEAM building in Sunderland. I’m working on a photo-collage that will be printed on a surf board.

I’ve work going into a juried exhibition; and yesterday I went across to the Bowes Museum to express my interest in their Untitled 10 exhibition.

Fingers crossed for a few more this year as they are excellent portfolio builders.

It was my first visit to the museum. What a cracking building! I love Barnard Castle area. I remember seeing a battle re-enactment in the castle grounds as a young un, and seeing deers at nearby Raby castle.

It was a lovely drive out, and we popped across to high force waterfall after stuffing our faces with Italian food.

Just got to get my head down to write the pitch now!

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