Cyanotype folded book pt.2

Are you a fastidious planner? Or a deep end diver?

I generally just chuck myself at the making process. I find that making prototypes is generally the best way to learn. Let go! Don’t worry if it’s crap. Take the pro’s further, and consider treatment of the cons.

With that in mind from my prototype I’ve already learned several things:

  • MEASURE EXACTLY. Whilst my first attempt is charmingly rugged, a little more care when cutting and preparing the paper strips.
  • Introduce some illustration. Particularly focussing on characters to move through the story.
  • After exposing the prints, washing and drying. Coat the back in cyanotype solution and create a pattern. (Though the story won’t run on the back, it is visible, so should be much more interesting).
  • Story development. My original rhyming couplets poem was too long. I need to refine the process.
  • If the book is going to come out of a box then it needs to more snugly fit. Could the box be more like a doorway? Or just a more fitting design in some way?

It’s a start though. Better than a kick in the teeth.

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