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Yarden Muse

A concrete rectangle devoid of life. Now, flourishes with flowers and green as though planted in the earth.

People may already know that I am a yarden aficionado. With the current state of affairs, the rush towards extinction is paved. We don’t need to invent carbon filters! That’s what plants and trees are for.

That being said I am a strong advocate for urban gardens. We need to reclaim this limp lifeless concrete and put plants everywhere. It’s proven to make us happier! Just think of all the lovely bees and butterflies.

I have spent several years transforming a pointless place in to a small oasis. Not only does it make me happier, it also makes a nice area for me to relax, and provides me with specimens for creating art.

What are you waiting for??? Get some flower power in your life! Get cuttings off your nan. Beg and borrow pots. Make a space and do just a teeny weeny bit towards cleaning our air. Gan on. You know it makes sense!

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