Mad as a box of frogs…

Being a freelance artist can be a bit of a rollercoaster at times. How do you keep up momentum?

By Aaron Beck

Last year was fairly sorted. I applied for and got the biggest commission I have done to date. I was paid for 6 months of guaranteed work!

I’ve had other regular jobs and sessions but last year was the best paid, and the most ambitious. There has only been one commission of a similar level that has been advertised this year. I had a punt but I knew it was a long shot because they were asking for an illustrator, and my drawing skills are fairly limited.

I’ve been working a bit more on my commercial photography to keep ticking over. I still teach sessions as well but a lot of the funding pots are drying up.

Since it’s been a bit more quiet this year I have finally started approaching galleries with my works. So far so good! I need to try to get several to stock my work so that I have more out there. It won’t sell if no one sees it!

If you’re a gallery who would like to show any pieces, please drop me an email, as there is plenty to go around!

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