Instant Film: Instax mini

I have loads of instant photographs. I haven’t counted them, but I reckon it must be getting on for around 500 by now! In a world of digital that sounds like only a small amount, but I am far more sentimentally attached to my instant photographs than I am to any of my digital work.

I’m glad I can work digitally because it allows me to share my work to a world audience (if I’m lucky enough to have one). That is something that is still reasonably new. Pre-2001, as that’s where my memory kicks in, I was solely using film in my crappy automatic 35mm.

I’d seen Polaroid images before, and loved them, but the expense of the film meant that I had no chance. As a kid it was easy to cadge 35mm film from the family, and to wait until my mam was sending a load of hers off in the post to give her a run of the please-please -pleases. I got in to instant film when I got my first Polaroid camera from Boots. They were selling the cameras off because Polaroid had just folded. I have 12 instant film cameras now.

I’m addicted.


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