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When alternative process photography meets digital software strange things can happen…

Cyanotype process doesn’t have to end once you’ve made your print.

Recently I have been working back into my cyanotype prints on my phone. It’s just unbelievably easy to do but is making some nice results! And, it got me thinking about whether the gifs I’m making would be considered art.

Loads of gifs are created each day, but the majority are derived from pop culture and are used to parody it. A moving meme essentially. I wanted to see how many versions of the work I could create in a 10 minute window.

As you can see, I managed to create a fair variety just from an application on my phone. David Hockney uses his iPad a lot to create his work. I haven’t got an iPad but my crappy phone still does loads!

So which of you out there are combining analogue processes with digital? And, what are you doing?

I’m interested to try creating augmented reality artworks as well, but I need a bit more time considering how best to implement this side of the tech in my work.

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