Cyanotype on ceramic and glass a discussion event with Jo Howell

There are a few tickets left for Monday afternoon. Do come along. There’s a lot of information, but ideal for someone who wants to start experimenting with cyanotype process and different materials.

Hello everyone!

The talk that I ran on World Cyanotype day seemed to go extremely well. I know that a few people couldn’t make it to the last one so I am doing it again. Hopefully, the earlier time will allow for more people from different timezones to get involved.

You can buy one of these limited tickets via the Eventbrite checkout below. Each participant will receive a PDF that summarises the techniques, and provides useful links for materials. Easy going and based on my own experience. You don’t need to be a scientist to get results!

I can’t wait to meet all of you that can attend. For those that can’t, I will be producing a YouTube video on technique, but this will likely take some time, and it won’t have all the easy peasy links. Girl’s got to eat!

See you soon!

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