Hedgehogs, cyanotype, art and life.

A mix of hedgehogs, cyanotype art, and love 💘


  1. . . . and in northern Vermont, I have an adorable family of skunks living under the porch. You could not wish for better downstairs tenants. I set out puppy food for them, although I call it Purina Weasel Chow. I don’t do it all the time and I don’t pretend they are tame or my little hairy friends. You have hedgehogs, I have skunks.

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      • Hello, Jo Howell!

        The skunks – related to badgers, and quite casual about things – are fine. The largest, Monty, is almost pure white on top. Then there’s one I’ve named Montina – she will stand to the side as I set out food at dusk – and the smallest: Montini – because he’s so teensy-weensy. I am getting out more often. The cyanotypes continue (I’ve a show at year’s end and have built a UV box to make prints up to 60cm square). I’ve begun work on another dialogue-free film. My goal: to somehow make an epic, outdoor film in my back yard and in the woods across the street.

        I’d write more, but it’s time to hand-grind some coffee beans for my morning mug of coffee.

        My tumblr page is worth looking at (hint hint).

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