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Sea Change Colab and Horden Creative Youth Opportunities group

Our crew of kids, Artists, youth workers and university academics photo by Jo Howell

The project is absolutely massive and involved so many different people. Suzy O’Hara a research fellow from Sunderland University approached me, Dawn Felicia Knox, and Tracey Thomas to collaborate with Creative Youth Opportunities. The project is called SeaScapes and it involves so many wonderful people! It’s an entirely experimental project, and we artists were brought in by NEPN. Who you may remember, commissioned me way back in 2018 for #wearexperimenting

I love creating experiential art. We were experiencing the coastline together and responding by collecting objects, taking photographs, making videos, falling over rocks, and getting our feet wet.

Photos by Tracy Thomas of me begging the sky for sunshine

Tracy and Dawn kicked off our sessions by doing some photography and shadow play up at Horden Welfare Centre. Then they came down to Roker to enjoy a walk, collect some stuff, and make some prints.

We visited the Island exhibition at the national glass centre to get some inspiration from the ACE collection. All parties thoroughly enjoyed the experience. And so great inroads were made towards creating some amazing artworks that consider how we care for our coastline.

The next time we were altogether with the group was when we returned to Creative Youth Opportunities at their Horden base. This was so we could take all that we had learned from the previous Roker session and have fun applying it to Horden beach. I will cover that in another blog post.

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