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Sunderland short film festival

A photograph of my film streaming on the to and reflecting the living room

Living room

My film was screened last night as part of Sunderland short film festival

My short experimental film about the ecology of illness was screened last night. In a line up celebrating dance, death and diversity my little film about coping with illness held it’s own.

This is how I adapt my ever shrinking world to continue my creativity. The Living Room is a work in progress piece. Spontaneous, surreal and sometimes silly I use humour and imagination to create a different landscape. A different world in the most ordinary place.

My seagull emblem reappears in this short. Bird brained and clumsy. Fibromyalgia seagull is here to piss in your chips.

Motley crew

It was really good to see the piece on the big screen. And, interesting to see the confused responses! 😂 I met up with SR Photography and Ian Horn local poet and jazz dancer.

Fibromyalgia seagull

This is the 2nd festival this year that my film has screened at. Fairly extraordinary considering how random and cliché it is.

Screening at the National Glass Centre

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