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A selection of Jo Howell artworks from 2022

When making things is a compulsive act…

I have worked my lady balls off!

A grand mix of commissions, projects, sales, experiments, and randomness. I have created an art trail in Shildon that uses cyanotype photography to explore the heritage of the women in the area.

I have done 6 exhibitions. 2 creative markets. I’ve taught around 300 people. I have reached 25,000 people through my blog, and probably the same again on my YouTube. I had a film screened.

I decided my novel (8 years in the making) was bollocks. My cat died. Family members got ill.

My sister got married. I bought shed loads of photography books. I made approximately 5,000 photos and artworks. I survived another jaunt around the sun. Fibromyalgia is still whack. Erm… that’s probably enough.

I wish all my readers and supporters the very best for 2023. Now, it must be 5pm somewhere…

Peace and joy to y’all!

Queen Elizabeth’s birthday postbox by Dubmire primary school 2022 in the museum and winter gardens.
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