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What’s your dream job?

I am a photographic artist. I literally have the best job on the planet. My USP is me. My art and photography, whether you love it or hate it, you can probably pick my stuff out of a room full of art very quickly, so I see that as success. What would be much better would be to sell more actual pieces of art, and to exhibit more of my art. When making is part of your compulsive personality the hardest thing is stopping your itchy fingers from making more, when they should be tippy tapping on a keyboard setting up the admin for sales.

It’s just not my bag, baby!

So, maybe I need an agent or a PA. Someone who can be chewed to do all the boring stuff. I’ll provide the art and photos 🤣

Seagull coaster, 2023

Let me know if you’re my fairy art father or mother. I’m starting to resemble that goblin in the rubbish dump in labyrinth. All my blueprints and weird art is starting to drown me.

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