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Ferns and stuff 2023 collection

I got some beautiful round edged postcards made out of great quality watercolour paper. I wanted to create a collection of works. There was going to be 24 but I let my housemate pinch one to make some art 🤣 so we have an unusual number of 23 in the collection.

Ferns and stuff collection

The cyanotype is created using sunlight on photographic chemistry. Where the uv light hits the prepared paper will turn blue, and the parts that didn’t get uv light will wash away.

The plants used I have grown myself in the yarden. They are pressed to perfection for several weeks before use.

This is a bit on a twist on a straightforward print. Before exposing the leaf or flower I sprinkle vitamin c, salt, cinnamon, soap bubbles, and vinegar across parts of the print. It takes longer to expose but you can get some really wonderful deviations.

After exposure the prints are allowed to fully dry. Then I add watercolour paint to highlight areas in colour. Once that round is dry I then draw into each using black pen, then gold pen.

The wiggly black line is when I let my fibromyalgia tremor just run as mad as it wants, without suppressing it; and the gold line is what I can do if I concentrate to eradicate the shake.

Watch how I make them

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