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I get lots of lovely people asking for advice or help with their art, project or business. I really enjoy mentoring and can help you out with most things. If I can’t help you with something technical then I’ll strive to find out or to signpost to the right person.

What would be a great help to me is if you sign up for this via my Patreon link above. Not only will you be supporting my art practice but you’ll be receiving mentorship that I would usually charge at £60 per hour for £45 a month and you get all the other tier benefits!

You may even be able to access funding if you’re in the uk to pay for this as part of your Artist development or arts grant.

Let everyone know. I’d like to do a maximum of 10 of these mentorship’s in a month via zoom. Well worth it. Loads of supplementary advice, documents and support.

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