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I am a 38 year old working class disabled artist based in Sunderland.

I have worked in the North East designing and delivering projects since 2010. I work with many different types of groups of people including autistic, learning disabled, women, ethnic minorities, mental health illnesses, and other disabilities.

I work with youth groups and dementia groups. My style is approachable and fun. With a significant amount of emphasis on making space for everyone’s voice.

Light drawing for #wearexperimenting

Cyanotype Process

I use cyanotype process in several different ways. The chemistry is very versatile so allows for many different modes of expression. Cyanotype can be used in the following ways:

  • printing in the sunshine using found objects from the location
  • printing directly onto found objects and stones
  • printing on to fabric for flags, bunting, or banners.
  • creating individual prints
  • using prints to make paper sculptures
  • printing indoors using lamps
  • printing their own digital photos as analogue images
  • cyanomation – cyanotype animation
  • interventions and installations
  • books and zines
  • Art trails
  • Print on glass or ceramics 

Outdoors sessions allow for the art to be made in and of the landscape, and it helps to show that art does not have to be confined to a classroom or desk.

Mountain Daisy cyanotype on vintage tiles

Digital photography

Digital photography can be used in a number of ways:

  • walks in the landscape
  • scanning
  • still life
  • documentary
  • portrait
  • objects
  • to create digital negs for other processes

Walking and talking about an area with a few simple photographic challenges can help participants to view the area in new ways. Collecting objects from the landscape (safely) can then be used to create images. Digital photography can be produced as prints, slideshows, zines or small publications. Any digital photograph can be reproduced in a number of ways.

Collage of #LovePyrex food photography for Sunderland Museum
Studio glass photography for Phil Vickery
Redbox youth club guided photography walk.


Pinhole photography involves building a darkroom environment. This might be in a cupboard, toilet, windowless room, or in a tent. Pinhole photography can be done using a single shot process with hand built cameras.

Pinhole photography from #wearexperimenting
  • build a camera
  • build a darkroom
  • take considered photographs
  • use chemistry
  • discipline with timings and confidence to do something new

Unfixed Lumens and Solargraphs

No need for a darkroom. Needs light and patience. Also needs a scanner as the work is transient.

  • build a simple camera 
  • take a photograph across 2 months
  • unfixed lumens made with found objects from the site
One month solargraph from back on the map

Instant film

Instant film can allow for a quick personal response. Workshops consist of:

  • taking an instant photograph
  • creating art around the photograph
  • adding a haiku
  • doing an emulsion lift
  • writing
I stay square by kids in SeaScapes university of Sunderland research project

Moving image, animation, and filmmaking

Working with moving image is excellent fun. Simple stop motion animation, through to documentary. I have kit that people can use, but also encourage the use of smartphones.

Hybrid working

In person, on zoom or by post. Or all of the above. Workshops in classrooms, on beaches, in forest, on trains. Where ever possible.

SeaScapes art creation

Night work

Long exposure shots and light drawings. Explore the landscape by adding light, or by taking longer exposures. This is fun, a be energetic, and works well with groups. Needs cameras, tripods, warm clothes, drinking water and torches.

Light drawing from #wearexperimenting

Exhibitions, commissions, projects

Contact me! I’d love a solo show if anyone wants to turn their gallery blue!

Me and Mary Eleanor #untitled10 exhibition at the Bowes Museum

Animation, filmmaking, time lapse, moving image, fine art, printmaking, zines, drama, production… I do it all!

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