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Battle for Sunderland

Hylton Castle project were very kind to allow #wearexperimenting set up the darkroom tent at their civil war re-enactment. It proved to be a wonderful location with lots of people who were really excited to use the pinhole cameras.

We managed to work with around 200 people across two days! I was really over the moon with the amount of wonderfully eerie photographs we made. I ordered a new book to record the event.

The weather was abysmal on the Saturday, with torrential rain and fog. So, I was really impressed that the participants weren’t bothered by the long exposure times in the rain.

I have another set up in a new location next Saturday. I’ll have to do an equipment check tomorrow as I think nearly every battery I own needs recharging!

The work was very physically intense, but I’m happy to say that I managed fairly well with the pace.

My darkroom is a hydroponic tent that I’ve kitted out with some filtered battery operated camping LED lights. They worked a treat. Each light cost around £4 each to make, but were a brilliant low-fi alternative to expensive darkroom safe lights.

Please follow the project and check out the brilliant collaborations that the people of Sunderland and I have made. Go to the Live Feed to see everyone’s contributions.

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