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Doxford Fun Day

Another excellent pop up darkroom event. The sun was shining and lots of people had turned out to support YouthBox community group. We set up our tents right next to the bank that was serving as a stage. The secret garden in Doxford Park really is a hidden gem. It needs some TLC to bring the pond back from it’s pitiful state, but there were people taking suggestions for updating the park.

We are taking the darkroom tent to the Bridges to set it up opposite the Tesco for the next two days. I’m hoping to get some interesting long exposures to capture the mood of the shopping centre. My wonderful and ever suffering fella, Phil Vickery (glass artist), will be helping me to install.

We’ll bring the smart phone microscopes as well to look at the tiny things that we can find!

Come and see #wearexperimenting 9am – 7pm Thursday, and 9am – 5pm Friday in the Bridges Shopping centre near the Tesco.

If you can stay a little while you could take a photograph with a coffee can!

We’re also starting our online challenges as well, and we would love for everyone to help populate the Live Feed and exhibition with your fantastic photographs.

You can use any format to create your submissions, though public social media submissions with the hashtag #wearexperimenting will automatically appear in the Live Feed. A self creating online exhibition! I can’t wait to see everyone’s efforts.

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