Artist Jo Howell with Phil Vickery glass blower.

I’m Jo Howell. I’m an analogue photography process fanatic!

I’ve been working as a professional photographic artist since I left Uni in 2009. I use photography and art to develop projects for participation. I work commercially to photograph 3D artworks like glass sculptures. I create short films, animations, books, and whatever takes my fancy at any given time!

Me and Mary Eleanor, #untitled10 2019

Photography Services

I offer commercial studio and location based photography for 3D artists. I have a brilliant studio, lighting, and plenty of creativity.


I would probably say that this is one of my favourite methods of my practise because I can do it from home or in the yarden!

Project Development

Since 2009, I have used alternative photographic process and printmaking techniques to create amazing participation projects for communities.

Make art!

I create original artwork all of the time. I make prints, photographic objects, films, installations, and so much more.



2019 – 2020

Selected artist for juried commission at the Bowes Museum, County Durham.

Look and inspire pinhole photography project

2014 – 2017

Project developed by artist with funding from The Cultural Spring, The Art Studio Sunderland, and Gentoo housing group.


2018 – 2019

Selected artist for large scale community participation project looking at the cross currents between science and photography.

The Big Picture: The art of sport

2010 – 2013

A collaborative participation project resulting in a public artwork created as a legacy for the Cultural Olympiad 2012.

Let’s make something together.