I have a fully portable studio flash kit and 14 years of experience photographing objects and the arts. My artistic and commercial work intersect with my overall love for glass and light. My travel kit is suited to objects that are no bigger than 40cm cubed. But, I have larger backdrops and a studio that you can attend in Roker, for works up to 1 metre cubed.

National Glass Centre shop 2021
Archeology Tyne and Wear Museums 2022
Helma Rud 2014
Jobling art deco glass photograph for Sunderland Museum
Chris McHugh 2021
Archeology from Tyne and Wear Museums 2022 accompanied sun disc exhibition
Pyrex recipes, Sunderland Museum, 2022
National glass centre shop 2021
Phil Vickery Glass 2015
Jobling ware, art deco glass, 2022, Sunderland museum
National Glass Centre Shop photography 2021
Archeological photography for TW Museums 2022
Pyrex exhibition, prints of scanned and photographed archive documents 2022
Scans and photographs of miners collection for Sunderland museum 2022