More of the blue stuff

I use the cyanotype solutions to explore different ways of image application and manipulation. This beautiful scene of the boat on the river Wear at night is a familiar scene from most landscape photographers in the area.

The dappled light upon the water and the soft focus of the boat due to the rhythmic movement of the the water is captured in a long exposure. The original digital image I shot back in 2009 is awash with yellows, pinks and greens. I only used a small segment of the original image in the creation of this postcard. Again creating a digital negative on acetate in order to line up the image with the hand painted emulsion.

Blue and gold were favourites of the Egyptians to indicate royalty. The colours ping off each other in an interesting way. The addition of gold allows me to raise the importance of the image it is on. It’s an area I’m just beginning to explore.

The second image is created by laying an old glass bottle directly onto the paper. I have flipped the image in Photoshop so the writing is the right way around. I like the fact that the original postcard is an artefact of process that I can work into infinitely once digitised.

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