The flip side

We had a great time at the Bridges shopping centre. There were plenty of people stopping to chat to us about the project. We had some people who also took some pinhole photographs, even though the exposure times were around 5 minutes in the shopping centre.

The theatricality of a mysterious black ‘darkroom’ seemed to promote a lot of curiosity. A great way to make the project visible to a lot of people.

Sunderland Indie

20/20 vision exhibition

Mackies Corner, Sunderland

I have also got some of my work in this amazing group show. It’s a very diverse show of Sunderland artworks from 20 of the City’s artists.

My work is a series of square pieces called ‘Life’s a ride’. An exploration of nostalgic feelings prompted by combining dream-like polaroid images with line drawings and psychedelic colours.

To the flip side…

I have just slept for 12 hours and I still feel completely exhausted. I am intensely aware of my heart beat and it feels like my entire body is throbbing. Writing this is like climbing a mountain.

Until I started to get really unwell a few years ago, I hadn’t realised how much my physicality was integral to how I viewed myself. I thought I had a high pain threshold until I was constantly in pain.

I only mention this as I am still in the process of figuring out how to balance still being myself with real rest. Not an easy task!

But, I’ll get there.

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