Open night

This last week was totally full on! I’m currently wrapped in a blanket with a hot water bottle on my feet and a lethal glass of red in my hand. #wearexperimenting is definitely worth every second. I’ve made my largest scale public work. Reclaiming corporate advertising space for art created in the project. Giving space for all of the fantastic voices of the participants has been totally mint, (to use a local colloquium only seems fit).

The Billboards

I actually have 2 digital billboards running designs from #wearexperimenting. One on the Wearmouth bridge and one near Pallion bridge. The billboards have been running since 5th November to act as advertising for the project. I’ve only managed to get shots of the Wearmouth bridge designs so far, but I think they look great. A bit mysterious. Out of place alongside the full impact graphic adverts also on this particular rolling program.

The Bridges shopping centre

The staff in the shopping centre have been very supportive in both hosting workshops, and by allowing me to showcase the work in a very public place. I’ve wrapped an external rotunda with panels of vinyl created from art made during the workshops. I’ve already had some lovely feed back from friends who have spotted their instax photograph.

Opening Night

After Phil and I toiled for several days the open evening last Thursday felt like an amazing achievement. I managed to write my speech in time, and a diverse group of fantastic people turned out to cheer me on, and to see the way I have used their photos in the exhibition.

It was great to see everyone feeding back into the work. Even in the exhibition there were opportunities to leave your mark. I left permanent markers near the Instagram prints so the contributors could find their photos and leave a drawing or phrase.

I also took plenty of Polaroid that I’ll include in my next verbal ramble.

Workshops are very much still on going, and you can find out more from

I’ll be more in-depth with some images of the workshops we’ve already had from Mackies Corner after I’ve had a bit more of a rest.

Thanks for reading.


    • There’s still time 😊 some more workshops coming up on Saturday- making zines with photograms and an industrial photowalk using a scanera (scanner as a camera). Also some pinhole photography and some night walks to accompany the exhibition. Go to the Cultural Spring website to find out more and to book in. It’s all free. Search for wearexperimenting 😊

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