Cold nights


Our exhibition is still open and there are a few workshops left to come. There’s only this week and next left for you to get involved, so do pop in and have a look.

Last week there were several different artists feeding in to the project. Nicola Maxwell and Michael Davidson led a wonderful industrial nature walk with their Scanera. Also Graham Patteson ran his second workshop responding to the images that were created during the workshop where we visited the coast to collect plastics for photograms (or rayograms).

I was unfortunately not very well, so sadly missed the associate artists workshops but I received some lovely photographs of the walk from Susana Hill, so I know it went great. The weather is most definitely changed for the worse. It’s cold and dark pretty much all day. (Which is a bit of a nightmare for some processes like pinhole photography).

We did a night time walk through Sunderland last week, and fingers crossed we should end on a high with Penella Bee helping us to close the show with some light drawing, incorporating movement and dance.

I’ve also been faffing around with creating tile patterns using images I’ve made. Distorting and representing the real as an abstract pattern. Like a kaleidoscope. It’s quite addictive!

Yesterday’s session was a bit of a wash out, but I think I can safely say that was because of the hideous weather we’ve been having!

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