The Big Finish

#wearexperimenting went out with a bang! On Thursday we had a film crew from the National Lottery come to talk about the project, and it’s wider impact. It was strange to be flanked by presenters and wearing a microphone, but we all did quite well even though it was very cold.

Just before my interview I also had a few students from Sunderland University Fine Art. I rattled through my methods, and shared some professional advice. Hopefully, opening their eyes to participatory practise.

That was followed by an artist’s talk from myself, and the associate artists. Mike Davidson and Nicola Maxwell talked about their mapping techniques, and their use of a Scanera. (An adapted scanner for taking photos!) Showing us the images created on their industrial nature walk.

And, Graham Patterson told us about his further explorations with the photograms created in his Accumulation workshop. He took images back down to the tidal beach at Potato Garth to film the pieces in situ. A really nice evolution for the works to go full circle.

We all enjoyed the experience of working together, and would definitely look to considering future projects.

Ben Freeth also conducted his pioneering workshop Scan Paths, an investigation into how we view scenes by using his Yarbus Cam invention. Unique and tech orientated.

Last, but definitely not least, we closed the exhibition with a fantastic photowalk down to the riverside. It had been damp and rainy all day, but held out nice long enough for us to get some fantastic long exposure photographs. Penella Bee of Glow Project and the FireGirls performed for our cameras using led hula hoops, wire wool, and pyrotechnics.

The mist came in at the right time causing some lovely atmospheric haze from the lights.

I loved every second of this mad ride of collaboration with my City.

6 months went past far too fast for my liking. How can I top this??? I worked with over 1200 people. I took a darkroom to the burbs. I met and made 100s of friends.

Now, I’ll think of our next venture, or adventure. Both, most likely. Bring on 2019.

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