Glass Ships in bottles

Working for Dr Ayako Tani as she delves into the history of the Glass ship in a bottle.

Artwork by Dr Ayako Tani

I’ve had a good rest since doing the Wear Experiment project. Things get really quiet this time of year. I’ve been working with some good friends in Newcastle, and doing the occasional commercial shoot. And, although I promised myself that I would write more of my book, surprise surprise, I’ve had a small attack of the ‘can’t be chewed’s’.

I’ve continued working in a commercial sense, and I am happy to point you in the direction of my recent work. Following Dr Tani through the last few years has been fantastic. The work she creates is innovative and intricate. Full of stories from her past, and current interest. Her recent book is more about the phenomenal bloom of the glass ships in bottles market after the closure of Pyrex in Sunderland.

Artisans from the factory were only at a loss for a short while before they cannily started creating novelty and art objects such as the Ships in Glass bottles. I’m not an expert, so I would suggest that you purchase the book via the link below to hear about this fascinating local, and then international movement of glass objects.

You can buy Ayako Tani’s beautiful book (with some photographs by you know who) via this link >

And the show continues at Mackie’s corner until the end of the month. Check out the itinerary here >

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