#untitled10 Me and Mary Eleanor (part 6): Creation from destruction

The man who abused Mary Eleanor was called Stoney.


The tile I had created was continuing to turn blue. Sometimes, cyanotype does it’s thing indefinitely. Fixing the image or thoroughly washing away any residual solution after the exposure is imperative.

I had ran out of yacht varnish which tends to stop the process (fix it), and thought that PVA and water would do. But, it continued to darken down across the whole image. I decided that rather than simply bin the piece, that I would take it in another direction and use it to create this video.

I think that it might be interesting to think about how or if I can display the video piece in the Bowes Museum alongside the other pieces. The video works as a metaphor for Mary Eleanor’s treatment from Stoney.

Do you feel that this is a strong or interesting way to explore the difficult subject matter of domestic violence? I want the emphasis to be on the reconstruction rather than the damage, which is why I have repeatedly turned back time to visually pull it back together.

I’ll rebuild the tile and fix the cracks or missing places with gold, and display the finished article along with the film.

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