10 things you can do to support artists

After having a conversation in a Facebook group that I run, it seemed to me that perhaps a few of our artists were feeling ostracised and disconnected from our local art scene. I think that there are certain pro-active things that we can do to help support each other. As a natural progression from these simple steps we can all feel more connected. Running an art business is hard work and it can be isolating. All of these suggestions I actively do myself. I can’t do everything all of the time so I do what I can, and I think we should all try to do the same.

Polaroid Emulsion Lift from Me and Mary Eleanor by Jo Howell
  1. Make time for art and artists in your life.
  2. Attend local art shows, performances, book readings, poetry nights as often as possible. Times are tight for everybody, but just putting in an appearance is a great way to show your support. There’s often free drinks at these events, so you don’t have to be entirely altruistic.
  3. Interact with them. Actively seek out what they are doing via their social media channels. Like, comment and subscribe to people you want to do well.
  4. Try to remember what people in your network are up to. Think on your feet and spread their names when you are talking about opportunities, jobs or shows.
  5. Sharing is caring. Even if you can’t attend events or afford to buy work try to share posts of artists you know. That extra reach could make all of the difference.
  6. Don’t complain that art and creativity is a waste of money, not a real job, and say things like anyone could make that. Spread the idea that art is a human right to be cherished, and that includes paying artists fairly. 
  7. Think and act positively. It’s easy to become entitled and to throw around negative opinions like confetti. Try to view problems as solutions that haven’t been worked out yet.
  8. Sign petitions that help to reinstate creative subjects in schools. Actively talk about how detrimental not having these subjects is to society.
  9. Don’t pay to display, and never ask an artist to pay to show their work. It’s morally corrupt.
  10. Buy directly from artists. Not only will you be getting a cracking bargain deal, but you will also be supporting your local economy. Forget Amazon and EBay. Check out what your artist mates have instead.

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