2022- don’t let the door hit you on the way out

The year that wasn’t.

Massive cocaine spillage in UK

I wrote a blog as we were going into lockdown 2 years ago. I was naively super hopeful then. Thinking that with the world having a forced time out, that as a species we would have time to reflect upon our failings, and that we would emerge as all round better people.

Needless to say, that most definitely did not happen! Instead of being a bunch of mindful and self aware custodians of the planet, we became insular, paranoid, and just generally bat shit crazy.

Even though we technically only lost two years to the pandemic, I feel that we have regressed by approximately a quarter of a century. Obviously we didn’t just lose time, we lost loved ones, friends; we lost 6.68 million people across the world. That we know of. Bearing in mind that we have all collectively decided that the pandemic is over and just stopped collecting the statistics. These statistics don’t include the many suicides that were associated with the pandemic, nor does it reflect those who lost their lives indirectly by not receiving the care the needed due to restrictions.

A worldwide case of gas lighting, and of “my truth instead of the truth” has led to reality becoming unreal. False, biased, and misleading.

Groyne lighthouse, South Shields

In my immediate circles people are reeling from gut punch after gut punch. Trying to carry on though quality of life has reduced to barely getting by. Interest rates, cost of living, conservative government policies that hock our services to their mates; NHS on it knees, electricity and power so expensive that people will freeze to death rather than put the heating on. A new Dickensian dystopian future awaits us.

All of this discussed so far, has mostly been down to humanity, as a species, being as useful to the universe as a bag full of glass hammers. We haven’t even touched upon the floods, the forest fires, the melting glaciers, the air quality, the storms, the unseasonably warm winters, and all of nature quite rightfully trying to wipe us out. Then there’s the war in Ukraine.

There is so much swirling cack.

Brexit. Never f-ing even mentioned Brexit in this long parade of disasters, mostly preventable if we exercised some foresight. But no. We march towards world war 3 and starvation.

I love my family, my friends, my beautiful community… There is great love. There’s support. There are some truly splendid humans. But for every singular socially well adjusted person there’s a cart load of sociopathic narcissists. My cynicism flange is kicking off big time. My faith in humanity is wondering if the ants will do a better job once we’re gone? Probably.

I let my rage go in favour of maintaining a smidgeon of sanity. I cannot fix these insurmountable problems. I can only act within my tiny sphere of influence. But know this, every year I put my best foot forward. I try my best to not be selfish and narcissistic. To be part of a bigger understanding. And, that’s all any of us can do. I try to be mindful and in the moment. This I will continue into 2023. Let’s just hope for certain sections of society to grow a conscience. (*Money grabbing policy making gerrymandering Etonian sorts who are disconnected from the people they rule like feudal lords).

Grow a conscience for 2023! Please. Ffs.


Also, merry Christmas and happy new year 🥳 next years motto is: Don’t be a knob.

Please spread it far and wide. Number 1 political and social agenda.

Don’t be a knob.


  1. What a lovely, honest and unfortunately depressing post, quoting the reality that all ‘good’ people know to be true. There is good in the world, and good people, but it is so hard for their/our voices to be loud enough to change people who are maybe beyond changing. I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas, we can only do what we can do…. And hope….
    Best wishes, Alan

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