Phone photography and high tea at the South Causey Inn

On 4th March photographic artist Jo Howell explored this gem with a group of fantastic ladies-what-does-lunch
A cake and coffee whilst waiting for participants to arrive by Jo Howell

I’ve never been to the South Causey Inn before teaching this workshop, and boy! Was I in for a treat!? This family run country pub, farmhouse, hotel, and gardens are situated not far from the live history museum, Beamish. There were plenty of different things to look at. Lots of vintage memorabilia on every wall, and many different spaces to explore.

Tyre tracks in the mud by Jo Howell

Being adventurous, and sometimes simple, I opted to drag the beautifully turned out ladies traipsing across this devilishly slippy field.

We all survived and have photos to prove it!

Fungi and fun girl by Jo Howell

My lessons are simple, but challenging. I try not to overload participants. Encouraging better compositions, and demonstrating how to get the best out of the camera on their phones.

And, all the ladies pushed beyond their comfort zone to achieve interesting shots. As a byproduct I take my own images (these ones) to help demonstrate how I use the theories I teach.

Lakeside work by Jo Howell
Mad goose by Jo Howell

This goose was not exactly chuffed to be our model. She was having some good attempts to bite my shoes, but luckily I had good walking boots on to save my little toes.

Bottle in the wall by Jo Howell

I’m always looking for quirky details. And, you may have noticed from my older posts that I love glass. Firstly, because my Phil is a glass blower, and secondly for how it allows light through. Light is my number one drug of choice.

Love locks on the fence by Jo Howell 2023

This tradition of locking in your love is pretty cute. Though we were wondering what happens if you get divorced? Do you have to come back to smash the lock and have a divorce party? My cynical nature suggests that this could be a unique selling point.

Topsy turvy by Jo Howell

Since I was teaching I brought along the lens ball, it’s a good bit of fun. A one trick pony, but the trick is pretty cool. Great for explaining how light refracts.

Pansy at South Causey Inn by Jo Howell

This hardy little pansy was living its best life despite the cold weather!

The other photos are interior shots and building images. The venue is really lovely and very much worth a visit.

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