Equal Arts creative age workshop exhibition

These are the artworks by the participants of the workshop.

For the last 8 weeks I have worked with a very creative group of people. Having more sessions dedicated to the process really means that we can cover a lot of ground.

What is really great about working with people who are already interested in art is that they bring such varied ideas to the table. Each has their own wonderful style, and I thought we would all benefit from seeing how beautiful they are.

Cyanotype Art by Olivia

Cyanotype art by Tony

Cyanotype art by Pam

Cyanotype art by Geraldine

Cyanotype art by Jacqueline

Cyanotype art by Pat

Cyanotype art by Liz

Cyanotype art by Mike

Thank you for enjoying the artwork ❤️ please share


    • Not from this class, but I will be doing more in-depth workshops on my Patreon. First lesson is about getting started with cyanotype and then they get more complex across 10 sessions. Lesson 2 will be up as soon as I finish editing it 🙂

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