Seeing the light

Photograms, solargraphs, and instant film.

I’ve been working on #wearexperimenting since the beginning of May this year. It’s a commission I applied for with the NEPN and the Cultural Spring.

The main bulk of the workshops with the public are now finished. I met and worked with so many fantastic people across that time.

Some of my more recent sessions were with some brilliant people from the Deaf Centre in Sunderland. They have created some phenomenal work during the sessions we’ve had together. I was particularly pleased with the solargraph images they made!

These exposures were around 4 weeks. Each participant made a simple pinhole camera with me in the workshop. Then they took them home and chose which window would be best the capture the sun.

We only had one failed camera, but the photography bug is very pervasive when it gets you, so some of the group took extra paper to have another go from home.

We also did some really fun photograms without chemicals. I’ve included one of the groups phone photograms, and my own bubble wrap image.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed running my project. It’s been amazing to have such support to make the kind of work I want to make.

I’m proud that I’ve worked with so many people from my home city. It’s an honour to collaborate with my community. I hope everyone will come to see the artworks I’ve created from your images.

I’ll be making me artworks for display this week and next. Then in time for the 8th November, when I’ll show what we created together in Mackies Corner.

The exhibition and accompanying workshops, talks, and symposiums are listed on . Also please join in with the 3 online photo challenges, as there’s still time to submit.


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