The #wearexperimenting darkroom tent has been extremely well used! I’ve been continuing with some workshops for the project, and getting ready to exhibit the works in November.

I’ve had an amazing time working on this commission for The Cultural Spring and NEPN. If I could, I would do this forever.

I worked with an amazing group of people. My lovely assistants Mara and Charlotte, being on hand to help me give the best workshops possible. My ever suffering Phil who keeps me timely in the face of extreme adversity.

The excellent moral and practical support that the commissioners have given wholeheartedly across the duration. To the care, and the time from a multitude of brilliant young photography students. And, of course, every single participant who has helped me make this extensive project.

I have a lot to be thankful for!

I’ve been continuing to explore the presentation of the images we’ve created. I’m excited to say that there’s going to be some really interesting interpretations and unique ways to display your work.

During the project I’ve had the privilege to work with other artists as well. On Monday I hosted Graeme Pattison at my studio for a really great workshop in rayograms created from collected plastic pollution from Potato Garth.

We had some new people along with an enthusiastic group from the Click Click photography club, university students, and; a very creative mother and daughter who I met from my digital photography sessions for The Cultural Spring.

It was a fun session for all involved, and I can’t wait to see GP’s interpretation of the work for the exhibition!

On top of getting ready to exhibit the works, I have been doing occasional workshops with other local arts organisations. These long exposure shots were created by a group of young people at the Washington Arts Centre. These images will go towards their production of a spooky zine.

I did some commercial images for Bemi Ltd Training company. My good friend Ben has branched out his training business. Do look them up!

And, lastly, I also attended Ben’s wedding with my trusty instax. So, all in all, I’ve been super busy, but also super happy. Here’s the beautiful bride!



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