The Yarden

It’s not much. Around 3 metres in length and around 1 metre wide. My yarden. It’s the simple things that keep us sane.

Spring is definitely underway, and I’ve pretty much finished the maintenance ready for this year. The succulents have survived the winter and are growing well.

I’ve made a few prints in the last couple of days using leaf skeletons, hydrangea skeletons and a sycamore seed skeleton I found whilst moving the pots around.

It’s not been quite there with the weather for outdoor cyanotype printmaking, but it won’t be too much longer until it’s possible.

In the meantime, I’ve been using my uv exposure lamps to make the prints. I’ve been using the same ream of watercolour paper for a few years now, and it’s not the best for this process. It’s off white, textured, and I think it may have acid content which causes discoloration over long periods of time. So, my next purchase for the studio will be a big ream of awesome paper.

Finally, some readers might already know of my slight addiction to collage apps. If not, they are addictive. I find myself thinking… oooh that would make a cool repeat pattern. Oh that too!

There’s a certain level of comfort found in symmetry.

Do any of you film photographers and alternative process lovers have secret apps that you use to experiment with your work?

I’m fairly limited to this and Lightroom from my phone, but indispensable for instant gratification.

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