Lost in the process

What draws you into process driven work?

For me, it’s where I get to let loose. There’s no concept other than learning through creation. Most of my concepts for creating art are systematic. The fine artist in me can’t help but get excited about a good painterly mark. I know it’s not just me!

Often in photography we are schooled out of experimenting in favour of more disciplined mastering of technique to create a ‘perfect image’. An image that communicates and resonates with us.

I know the rules. I just can’t bring myself to follow them. How many ways can we see the world?

I couldn’t be a press photographer. I’m far too namby pamby for that. I’m much more in my element just faffing around, thinking to myself: what if I did this to it? None of my photographs are sacrosanct. I love revisiting. Deconstructing. Reconstructing.

I think I’m a craftivist rather than an artist. Whatever. Militant ornamentalist.

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