Short films and process journals

Making movies of my life

I probably mentioned before that I have a YouTube channel. I’ve had it since the birth of YouTube.

It has gone through many incarnations since then. Most of my early films are of nights out and adventures with my friends, shot on mini DV tapes and early point-and-shoot digital cameras. Those ones, I’m afraid, had to go into the abyss deleted from public view. They’ll be in my retrospective when I’m 60, so that’s something to look forward to.

What my channel does have are some lovely peeks into my artistic journey. Starting off in my first studio at Creative Cohesion in Sunderland. Through to my newer projects, and sprinkled with process videos of me making my art. Informative pieces that expand upon some of my technical blogs on here.

So, I’m going to include the films in some upcoming blogs. I’m going to publish them on my blog in a chronological order, and will write a smidgen like this to help provide context. I love getting messages from all of you who have found the blog useful. Thank you for letting me know!

Out of time

Short film created in 2011 using a point and shoot digital camera. Exploring time as a medium. My partner Phil Vickery helped watch the camera whilst I walked backwards around the sea front. The film has been in 2 local exhibitions.

My thinking about the creation.

I’ve always felt like an outsider. There, but not quite in time with everything else. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It will eventually become a distinct element of my practice.

Who else is an outsider? Can we be outsiders together? Questions like this form the basis for my participation projects.

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