Haiku Cyanotype Postcards

On a whim I put out a tweet saying: I have lots of handmade cyanotype postcards and 5 second class stamps. Who wants one?

Slowly over the course of last night my 5 stamps were dished out to those who requested. A couple of strangers, a young musician, and two mates got dibs. Each of the postcards I wrote I small haiku inspired by the person who requested the postcard.

All 5 postcards were popped in the post and should arrive with the recipients in the next few days. As a fun thought exercise predominantly left over to serendipity this was great! I write haiku as a form of brain training expression. Small personal challenges work really well with this form of poetry.

These are the postcards and haiku. More practice is needed! I might do 5 a month…


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